My Plan For Medicare For All

Stopping GOP Attacks on Americans’ Health Care

Insurance companies and drug companies have jacked up prices so much that Americans, on average, pay twice what people in other countries pay for health care. Even though we spend more, we have failed to insure nearly 30 million Americans, and the problem has gotten worse under Donald Trump.

Kamala Harris at a rally in California to save health care

Addressing What Keeps People Up At Night

I look at this issue through a fairly simple prism: each night, millions of Americans wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning worried about some aspect of their health care. How am I going to afford a $5,000 deductible just for walking my child into the emergency room because their fever won’t go down? How will I pay that surprise medical bill because the ambulance that took me to the hospital was out-of-network? How am I going to continue to see my doctor when I get a new job and my new insurance plan doesn’t have them in their network?

In America, health care should be a right, not a privilege only for those who can afford it. It’s why we need Medicare for All.

Imagine changing a job and not having to worry about your health care coverage. Imagine going to the pharmacy and not having to worry about an outrageous price increase on the prescription drug you need. Imagine walking through those sliding glass doors at the emergency room or doctor’s office or hospital knowing that the first card you pull out will be a Medicare card, not a credit card.

How We Get To Medicare For All

Medicare works. It’s popular. Seniors transition into it every day, and people keep their doctors and get care at a lower cost. Let’s not lose sight that we have a Medicare system that’s already working.

Kamala Harris in a blue suit holds the hands of a senior Iowa caucus-goer in a yellow sweater
Kamala Harris with a caucus-goer in Iowa

This isn’t about pursuing an ideology. This is about delivering for the American people.

Data matters and should inform our transition. Health care is personal to people and we should make sure we get it right.

We Can’t Afford NOT to Change the System

Right now, the U.S. spends $3.5 trillion a year on health care. If we do nothing over the next decade, that number will skyrocket to an estimated $6 trillion a year. So the real question is: how can we afford not to act?

That’s why I propose that we exempt households making below $100,000, along with a higher income threshold for middle-class families living in high-cost areas.

To pay for this specific change, I would tax Wall Street stock trades at 0.2%, bond trades at 0.1%, and derivative transactions at 0.002%. Think of it like this: that’s a $2 fee on a $1,000 trade by investors and big banks. I would also end foreign tax shelters by taxing offshore corporate income at the same rate as domestic corporate income. Together, these proposals would raise well over $2 trillion over ten years, more than enough to make up the difference from raising the middle-class income threshold.



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